RoomSense IQ

Unparalleled Home Harmony

Where Home Services Follow Your Every Step

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Unmatched Room Environment Insight

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Unparalleled Home Harmony

Imagine as you walk around, your home seamlessly provides relevant services such as lighting, heating or cooling and even your favorite music to you. It’s as if you and your home, are in perfect harmony. 

RoomSense IQ is a breakthrough all-in-one sensor device for presence-based room automation which empowers smart home enthusiasts to effortlessly automate every aspect of their home simply through their attendance. The device employs cutting-edge mmWave radar technology and PIR sensors to accurately detect and measure the movement of individuals. 

SightSense: A Dashboard for Ultimate Room Insights!

SightSense, an extraordinary visual dashboard adds a whole new dimension to this powerful platform.
With its extensive range of functionalities, it delivers unparalleled understanding of the environment in any given space. Unlike other devices that have limited settings access, SightSense offers a user-friendly interface equipped with advanced settings and Pro features like MoveSense for movement classification, Proxisense for proximity-based automation, CalSense for baseline calibration, and BedSense for sleep experience enhancement, empowering users with exceptional control over their living environments.

Seamless Smart Home Ecosystem Integration

RoomSense IQ works seamlessly with Home Assistant. 

The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home through IFTTT integration.

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