FlexView: Placement and Positioning

The accuracy and coverage area of the sensor greatly depend on the placement and orientation of the sensor. Placing the sensor in the right location ensures accurate detection of presence, maximizes the coverage area and avoids false alarms. 

The radar field of view of RoomSense IQ is around 100 degrees, so the best position to mount RoomSense IQ is in the corner of the room. This provides the maximum coverage, allowing the sensor to detect movement throughout the entire room. The innovative Ball-mount system, called FlexView, makes the corner mount process super easy. The FlexView system consists of two parts: the base and the ball mount. Additionally, with the versatility of its adjustable mount, RoomSense IQ can easily be mounted to either a wall or a desk.

The sensor mounted at 45° angle using adjustable mount.

Now that we know where to mount RoomSense IQ, let's take a look at how to install it. The adjustable ball mount system of RoomSense IQ, makes the corner mount process easy. To mount the sensor, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly to remove any dust or debris.
  2. Apply the 3M adhesive strip onto the desired surface, ensuring it is securely attached and level.
  3. Attach the second strip onto the base of the mount.
  4. Position the base onto the mounting surface and firmly press the strips together to ensure a strong bond.
  5. Adjust the orientation of RoomSense IQ to ensure that it is facing the room's entrance.

That's it! You've successfully installed RoomSense IQ in your home.